Washington D.C. Trip

This summer, select members of our team will be traveling to Washington D.C. to represent Arkansas in the National Advocacy Conference. The NAC will take place June 14-16 and will give students the opportunity to form relationships with our Arkansas representatives. During this conference, we will speak to Arkansas congressmen and promote the Every Child Achieves Act. This Act is meant to increase the funding and quality of programs, classes, and organizations that help to encourage the importance of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Members of the Bomb Squad will also share their own personal STEM stories to shed light on the significance and potential impact of this legislation.

Our goal is to raise $8,900 dollars so that we can send eight students and 4 mentors to encourage the growth of STEM education in Arkansas. You can help support this trip by sponsoring a student or donating to the team. It costs approximately $750 to send one student, and all donations will help. If you wish to support us, please contact Christi Cooper at 870-404-0916 or donate online through our website.

Bomb Squad is a high school robotics team from Mountain Home, Arkansas. We compete through the FIRST Robotics competition.


FIRST encourages high school students to learn engineering and business principles from professionals.



Our mission is to maintain a team that excels in every way, to practice Gracious Professionalism in all we do, and to uphold the image of our Hall of Fame team. More than that, our goal is to influence students to pursue higher education whether in math, science, technology, or any other subject. We wish to teach students skills that will aid in the success of all of their future endeavors; and most importantly to provide these students with the opportunity to inspire others with the message of FIRST.


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